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Of shots, pills and problem solving

As we approached the nurse’s station, I cautioned the 4 year old, “It will hurt a little Ram, ok?” He nodded matter-of-factly, hopped on to the chair, rolled up his sleeves, and stretched his arms bravely to the nurse. He did not as much wince when the nurse administered the shot. ”It hurt only a little mama. Now can I get my sticker and lollipop?”, said Ram chirply and went off to eye his options on the nurse’s table as Hari and I fell off our chairs as the whole scenario unfolded in a completely unexpected manner. Bravo kiddo, bravo…!

Tsk tsk, let’s just say that the mama, who is a fusspot in similar situations, felt a little braver as she was settling down for her turn.


In other news, when Hari was down with sinus infection we were told he was grown up enough to swallow pills. Oh the child agonized over it, and I could relate to every bit of the agony. I used to be such an oscar-winning drama queen when it came to having tablets. It took us some trial and error but we figured out what would work for him, atleast this time – “You are going to take three deep breaths, you are not going to think about whether or not you can do it. I will place the capsule in your tongue and then pour some water, and you are going to swallow it, that’s it!”  I would walk him through the routine as he closed his eyes breathed intentionally. As cheesy as it sounds, it worked!  In his words. “It calmed my nerves amma.” I did this routine for a couple of days, and then the child ran with it on his own for rest of the course.


One of the things that I truly love about parenting is working with the kids to find out what works for them, giving them the tools and seeing them solve their problems on their own. As much as we want to, we cannot protect them from the curveballs that life can inflict upon them, but if we can raise them to not get frazzled and have confidence in their problem solving abilities, we can rest a little knowing that we have done our part.

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