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Veteran’s Day special

The kids had the day off, so I took the day off with the sole purpose of spending time with them. We watched Horrid Henry and had a sleepover last night. Then this morning, we headed out to Michaels before going to the zoo. It was such a beautiful day with the crisp fall air and sunny weather making it ideal for being outdoors. The last we went to this zoo was when Hari was as old as Ram; so many fond memories packed within this premise. We missed Da a lot today. This is probably the first time in all these years that we went on a family outing without Da.

The white cheeked gibbons were the star of the day. They belong to the ape family, the females are tan while the males are black. The babies are born as tan, they turn black as they grow up and the females turn back to tan after a certain period, very fascinating, isn’t it?  We saw a one-month old gibbon latched on to its mommy. It was an endearing sight – the mommy kept swinging back and forth, putting on quite a show, all the while with the  baby latched on to her. On the opposite side, were a species of monkey, whose name I forget. There were two babies about the same age as the gibbon, but they were more developed and independent than the apes. I believe monkey in general develop faster than apes.

All of us had a grand time. We came back home just in time for a playdate.


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