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Big night

Yes, tonight is a big night for Hari. He is watching the Bruins vs. St Louis game live in TD Garden as a I type this post. I am so psyched for him. Da and I contemplated gifting this experience as a birthday surprise for him but decided against it because it was expensive to make it a family event. So last night when we got a call from his hockey coach asking if Hari would like to join his hockey buddies to watch this game at TD Garden, he and us grabbed the opportunity with our hands, legs and what not. May be some things are simply meant to be…?!

“Mama, I can’t help it. I can’t stop smiling,” said the deliriously happy child dressed in his Bruins tshirt. “I don’t want to be seen in the jumbo T.V. with the big jacket, so I will not wear it in the stadium.”  After arguing over it for sometime, I dropped him at the skating rink. Da is chaperoning, so he gets to ride along, see the game, and be part of the fun.

I see that Bruins is currently leading. East or west, Bruins is the best…! You see I don’t let the lack of knowledge about the game stop me from rooting for the  home team.


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