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Word play

A friend’s friend mooted the idea of six-word ollarals (gibberish) that can loosely be interpreted as stories. I had a blast spinning these 20 tales.

  1. To let go, she held on.
  2. Happy 10th, surprised child, mixed emotions.
  3. Head rules, heart weeps, soul ponders.
  4. A moment of weakness. Lifelong sadness.
  5. Volumes spoken in the loud silence.
  6. Some carry in womb. Others in heart.
  7. Why? he asked. Why not? she replied.
  8. Mind spinning. Thoughts tumbling. Words humbling.
  9. Rich in intentions. Poor in translation.
  10. She is wise. He is otherwise.
  11. Labor of love yields sweet fruits.
  12. Unexpressed emotions locked in heartfelt words.
  13. She gave up. He let go.
  14. The game of life – ace it!
  15. Imagination soars, brevity holds, creativity unfolds!
  16. You and I make wonderful Wes.
  17. Time stands, life sprints, death stops.
  18. Peppy tune, happy feet, soaring spirits.
  19. Timeless moments, priceless values, meaningful memories
  20. Stomach rumbling, mouth grumbling, senses plummeting.

Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “Word play

    1. Thanks LG. I have not visited your page although have quickly caught up on your posts on the reader. Will be more regular going forward. Happy 2015 to you.

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