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Work ethics

I had to convince myself a lot before we started hiring cleaners. It felt wrong that someone else was cleaning up the mess we created, and I have chided myself for taking the easy way out. But I am glad we made the switch as it has freed up so much of my time to do things that are close to my heart. In the process if someone is benefiting, then why not? May be there is no need to get all righteous about it.

The Brazilian who currently cleans my house every other week is my all time favorite. I don’t like to micromanage her. If I have to spend time hovering over the work of someone, why not do it myself? While the earlier cleaners have taken advantage of this attitude, she works with integrity. It is important to her that she does her job well.  She is one of the hard working persons I have ever met. She works on three to four jobs, waking up at odd hours, carrying the weight of having to support her family back home on her shoulders. But you know what I like the most when she comes – she hums her favorite numbers when she cleans!

That she is doing what it takes to keep her life going inspires me to no end.

2 thoughts on “Work ethics

  1. I died of guilt when I hired a cook last week to do my evening meals, even though I sorely needed assistance. So I hear you.
    That’s the second time today I am hearing of someone doing a good job because they are like that….some sort of message for me.

    1. Yeah, no need to be righteous about such things. I have learnt that the best thing that you can do for yourself and your loved ones, is to ask for help when I need help. Better that than be a grumpy person wallowing in self pity, which I am when I get overwhelmed.

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