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The year that was.

As I reflect on the year that has passed, all I can think of is it has rolled by in the blink of an eye. We have been totally drenched in the day to day routine pivoting from work to school to extra activities. We have barely been able to keep our heads above water, chasing one deadline after the other. And in the process of going through the motions, I have learnt:

  • About impermanence of things – people move in and move out of  our life, time and opportunities are finite, and life can change in an instant. Truly, “Now” is all we have, so embrace it in all its fullness!
  • That change is the only constant. Either change happens to you or people around you are changing. No point in resisting change, yet it takes guts to proactively seek out change.
  • If something is taking up more mind space than is warranted, then it’s a sign that digging deeper and letting go are in order. As uncomfortable and painful it is in the short-term, it is truly liberating in the long term.
  • What peace there is in taking deep breaths…! and I don’t even meditate.
  • There is something about being able to detach oneself from a situation, assess it objectively, and not let one’s emotions cloud one’s judgment or reactions.

On that note, I wish you and your family a very Happy 2015. The courage to look deep within. Freedom from mental clutter. The discipline and the will to do what matters most. Contentment in what is. An open mind, a loving heart and a healthy body. I wish you all these and more in the coming year.

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