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Meet the newest fleeting member of our family – Honey Venkatesh!

Honey is as real to Ram as is Hobbes to Calvin. She started out as a girl but last night Ram told us that she changed her mind and wants to be a He. So for the record, Honey is a He. And just like Mary’s little lamb, Ram’s little Honey follows Ram wherever he goes. He has school days and home days. He gets a seat at the dinner table and even takes a turn while playing Chutes and Ladder. He ventures out in style – his face peeking out but his body warmly tucked in the backpack. “I want Honey to see the world mama,” would say his ardent caretaker.

This morning Ram went around the house searching for Honey and when he couldn’t find him, he was convinced that Honey had snuck out on an adventure, “I hope he does not get bruises or gets hurt while going on an adventure,” said Ram. Turns out, he was just resting in the car last night.  Ram was elated when he was reunited with his buddy.

“Mama, when are you going to get us a real dog?” asked Ram. “But you have Honey Ram,” said I. “But mama, Honey is a stuffed dog. I want a real one!”  Amazed at how he can traverse between the world of fantasy and reality so seamlessly I told him, “Not for now Ram”  He held Honey closer to his chest and skipped away for his nap time.

2 thoughts on “Honey

  1. For a moment, I did think honey was real! 🙂 how amazingly coincidental this post is, Anjali right now has a snugly kitty called lado who she talks to and carries around in a small bag. How imaginative and amazing kids are. Love to honey and Ram!

    1. I can so totally see your gudiya with a kitty in hand. What is not to love about such fantasies…!

      On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 2:57 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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