Some days require more willpower than others. Today, was one such a day. It took humongous effort to say no to the little voice in my head that  

  • had me convinced that eating that third piece of fig Newton is not so unhealthy after all. Just one more is not going to hurt.The problem is it will not stop with one more, and it will not stop with fig Newton. 
  • tempted me to watch Everybody Loves Raymond tonight for the gazillionth time. I deserve some laughs at the end of the day after all! And this is exactly how the habit of slacking hides behind the excuse of being busy. 
  • kept telling me it is ok to skip this post. But then we all know that’s how inertia spreads its tentacles and before we know it the blog has gone into hibernation mode.  
  • said it’s ok to skip flossing tonight, I have already flossed twice today after all.  Three months down the line, we don’t want to be sitting at the dentist office squirming with guilt, do we?

Armed with my word of the year, I fight these temptations, one at a time. Some days it feels like I am taking one step forward and on other days it feels like I am taking two steps backwards.


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