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LMT post

Happiness is…

  • the sight of a  sleeping child, lost in the land of dreams
  • the sound of a child thumbing the pages of a book, lost to the written word
  • the taste of hot gooey oats kichadi on a cold afternoon
  • three-day weekend
  • playing board games
  • sleepovers!
  • watching back to back episodes of Friends
  • long phone conversations
  • silent togetherness
  • cheek rubs and snuggles
  • the sound of the garage door open
  • doing what I thought I could not do
  • 8-hour sleep
  • no chauffeuring around on weeknights
  • a warm body crawling up to you for some company
  • a cup of ginger tea
  • exchanging stories at dinner time
  • an unexpected compliment
  • unconditional acceptance
  • overcoming temptations
  • sharing a slice of my life

So what makes your jar of happiness full?

3 thoughts on “LMT post

  1. This is a great post!! Happiness is …

    Cuddling with my kids
    Chatting with my hubby early in the morning on weekends over steaming cups of masala chai
    Chole bhatura 🙂
    The first hot day in June that signals the arrival of summer
    Dinner, movie, and game nights with friends
    Finally accomplishing something that’s been procrastinated beyond all decency

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