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More six-word ollarals (gibberish)

  1. Ideas swirling, tales unfolding, fingers counting.
  2. Hard work – short-term pain, long-term gain!
  3. He works hard. She hardly works.
  4. Too much to do too soon.
  5. Falling snow trapped in open mouth.
  6. Snow falls, road slips, traffic crawls.
  7. Goalie – all about grace under pressure!
  8. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just be.
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LMT post

It’s not Thursday, but I feel the compulsive need to get back into the habit of writing down my little moments. So here we go:

  • Flubber fun. The kids and I made some flubber at home yesterday. All it took was a cup of school glue, a cup of cold water, a cup of hot water, and  a teaspoon of borax. Some stirring and mixing later, ta da, what we had in hand was gooey slippery mass that delighted us endlessly with its dexterity.
  • Hari and I got curious about what caused the glue to become flubber. We googled, and youtubed for a couple of hours, and learnt about atoms, molecules, polymers and flubbers. Learning chemistry was so much fun…! The cherry on top is we now have a solid idea to work on for his science fair.
  • Let the above not mislead you into thinking that the the start was effortless. Far from that, we were mired with starting troubles. All I wanted to do was get my laundry started. All Hari did not want, was to get curious about flubber. We silenced those voices and plonked ourselves in front of the laptop. Once we sat down, there was no stopping.  Inertia is such a powerful thing, but the gratification coming from overcoming it is even more powerful. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort.
  • 40 year old in the body of a 10 year old – all geared up with shovel in hand, fighting the wind, and shoveling the snow one scoop at a time. Now the 4 year old in the body of a 10 year old – overwhelmed with intensity of the labor the shoveling calls for, he takes a break, breathes deeply, grabs a fistful of snow from the snow bank and stuffs it in his mouth. What is not to love about this dichotomy?!
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Life updates

  • The weather is pretty much the story of our lives here. Till about the third week of Jan., we barely had a coating of snow. Fast forward four weeks and all of us are buried in an avalanche of snow. At some point, I was really worried that we were going to end up with dysfunctional backs and wrists with all the shoveling. Hopefully not. You know what?  The beauty of seasons is its predictability. Sooner or later, we all know spring will be here, and we will cherish the sight of grass and flowers that much more. With every passing day, we are one day closer to spring and that thought helps to centre me when the frustration around the winter weather takes over.
  • The kids and I have been home alone for the past week. Very very thankful that the heater did not breakdown or there was no power failure. Grateful to our neighbors who helped us with digging out the snow last week. God bless them! We are so looking forward to welcoming Da with open arms tomorrow.
  • The kids have been home a lot this month. We had five snow days and one week of vacation. I am glad the kids are grown up enough to hang around while allowing me to carry on with work tasks.
  • The cricket fever is on. Hari is over the moon about the world cup.  Of course, that will be followed by excitement over IPL. I am not sure about him, I will feel a sense of emptiness once the matches come to an end although I don’t watch a single one.
  • What else? what else? I made my first batch of millaga podi. Remember I told you I experimented with chutneys, pastes, and such over the summer. I am on to podis theses days.
  • My dance class starts after a break of two months tomorrow. We have productions coming up in June and August this year. Looking forward to breaking some sweat, and learning some new pieces. Wish me well please.
  • Ok this post will be incomplete, if I do not provide an update on my word of the year. I am failing miserably folks. Most of Jan. I was disciplined, but it has been downhill since then. Have to pick myself up. Have to pick myself up.
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Celebrating someone special

He is who he is,
What you see is what you get.

NOW is all he knows to be in,
Why regret? he proclaims,
For we are more than our mistakes
Why judge? he says,
To each his own.!

All he wants,
Is just be ordinary,
For the difference it can make,
Is extraordinary!

Go with the flow,
Keep calm,
Do no harm,
Are the words he lives by.

Today, tomorrow, and everyday
We celebrate you,
For being YOU.

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I have been wooed into going on a blind date. Actually make that two. I admit, I was a bit reluctant to begin with. Should I? A part of me wondered. Why not? Another part of me answered. As the minutes ticked away, it was becoming harder and harder to resist the pull of the unknown. Unintentionally but excitedly, I nodded to myself, feeling a twinge of guilt for neglecting the ones at home. I can always go back to them or can I? I wondered.

….. ok, ok, now don’t let your imagination soar. I am not talking about the boy meets girl kind of blind date. This date is one of a kind. This is a date with a book. A program that our library is offering to jazz up the celebrations surrounding Valentine’s Day. What they had was the below notice. Surrounding it were several books and DVDs wrapped in brown paper with a synopsis of what the book is about. Now tell me, how could one resist all this wooing?

blind date


So I wanted to pick one book that sounded profound and uplifting and the other one that’s on the lighter side. With that intention in mind, I picked the book with the following synopsis for the former – “”While I might be a story of mourning, I tell the most important tale of all… Love never dies. I’ll help you through the mourning, but I also encourage a chance for a new life. I know you’re scared, but let me prove that solidarity and perseverance triumph grief” and for the latter, I chose, “I am a book about the influence of social media. While you think I might be non fiction, I am not. I illustrate the story of a teen’s loss, love, and lies. Take me out for a spin!”

A soon as I unwrapped the first book, I was disappointed. It was not what I had in mind. The second one I know I will not fall in love with it, but would like to give it a shot.