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I have been wooed into going on a blind date. Actually make that two. I admit, I was a bit reluctant to begin with. Should I? A part of me wondered. Why not? Another part of me answered. As the minutes ticked away, it was becoming harder and harder to resist the pull of the unknown. Unintentionally but excitedly, I nodded to myself, feeling a twinge of guilt for neglecting the ones at home. I can always go back to them or can I? I wondered.

….. ok, ok, now don’t let your imagination soar. I am not talking about the boy meets girl kind of blind date. This date is one of a kind. This is a date with a book. A program that our library is offering to jazz up the celebrations surrounding Valentine’s Day. What they had was the below notice. Surrounding it were several books and DVDs wrapped in brown paper with a synopsis of what the book is about. Now tell me, how could one resist all this wooing?

blind date


So I wanted to pick one book that sounded profound and uplifting and the other one that’s on the lighter side. With that intention in mind, I picked the book with the following synopsis for the former – “”While I might be a story of mourning, I tell the most important tale of all… Love never dies. I’ll help you through the mourning, but I also encourage a chance for a new life. I know you’re scared, but let me prove that solidarity and perseverance triumph grief” and for the latter, I chose, “I am a book about the influence of social media. While you think I might be non fiction, I am not. I illustrate the story of a teen’s loss, love, and lies. Take me out for a spin!”

A soon as I unwrapped the first book, I was disappointed. It was not what I had in mind. The second one I know I will not fall in love with it, but would like to give it a shot.

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