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Life updates

  • The weather is pretty much the story of our lives here. Till about the third week of Jan., we barely had a coating of snow. Fast forward four weeks and all of us are buried in an avalanche of snow. At some point, I was really worried that we were going to end up with dysfunctional backs and wrists with all the shoveling. Hopefully not. You know what?  The beauty of seasons is its predictability. Sooner or later, we all know spring will be here, and we will cherish the sight of grass and flowers that much more. With every passing day, we are one day closer to spring and that thought helps to centre me when the frustration around the winter weather takes over.
  • The kids and I have been home alone for the past week. Very very thankful that the heater did not breakdown or there was no power failure. Grateful to our neighbors who helped us with digging out the snow last week. God bless them! We are so looking forward to welcoming Da with open arms tomorrow.
  • The kids have been home a lot this month. We had five snow days and one week of vacation. I am glad the kids are grown up enough to hang around while allowing me to carry on with work tasks.
  • The cricket fever is on. Hari is over the moon about the world cup.  Of course, that will be followed by excitement over IPL. I am not sure about him, I will feel a sense of emptiness once the matches come to an end although I don’t watch a single one.
  • What else? what else? I made my first batch of millaga podi. Remember I told you I experimented with chutneys, pastes, and such over the summer. I am on to podis theses days.
  • My dance class starts after a break of two months tomorrow. We have productions coming up in June and August this year. Looking forward to breaking some sweat, and learning some new pieces. Wish me well please.
  • Ok this post will be incomplete, if I do not provide an update on my word of the year. I am failing miserably folks. Most of Jan. I was disciplined, but it has been downhill since then. Have to pick myself up. Have to pick myself up.

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