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Mad scientists

Remember, I told you about our attempts to make flubber and how that led us to learn about atoms and polymers?  Given that, we turned the learning into our topic for this year’s science fair.  Hari was joined by his friend and together,  the kids experimented substituting and eliminating ingredients to see if that resulted in flubber. All in all, much fun was had, and packets of flubber were made to give away as freebie. Guess which table was the most popular one in tonight’s fair? While one would like to think that the science behind the flubber drew the attention, turns out the freebie was the key attraction. Kids not only played with the blob but also leveraged it for some trading opportunities – a blob of flubber from our table was traded for a balloon at the next table….! Go figure…!

So what’s next…..? Do you hear our mental wheels spinning fast and furious – we are designing a Monopoly board game based on Mahabharata for culture project in Sunday school. It’s just beginning to take shape, can’t wait to see how it ends up.

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