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Little Moments

The clock at the bottom right of my laptop is showing 10:18 PM.  I am settled in my happy place (the bunk bed of course!).  I really ought to hit the sack but the mind has been hyperactive all day, itching to write, wanting to share, and longing to pour my heart out. Nothing more calming than recounting the little moment of the week, isn’t it? So here I go…

  • Why, of course, the weather…! The snow is melting away, the temperature is climbing – slowly but steadily, and the days are getting longer. You can only imagine how much us New Englanders will appreciate the turnaround in weather after being buried under mountains and mountains of snow this winter.
  • Late evening stroll in the neighborhood. The fresh crisp air did wonders to the body and mind. With hardly a soul on the road, I felt like the world was at my finger tips.
  • Rediscovering the wonder of words – read some good articles and completed a book that I have been savoring for a couple of weeks now. Made me fall in love with words and writing all over again.
  • Went on a movie night with a few girl friends after what feels like ages. Good move, even better company that was topped with cheesy buttery popcorn. What more would a girl want?
  • The new look.  Love the new theme of my blog for its simplicity..!

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