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Facts behind the story

Not to sound like a broken record, if you are wondering why Bostonians are moaning and groaning about this winter, check out this graph, which depicts snowfall in Boston since 1938. It’s very telling – late start, short duration, huge accumulation..! To put it in perspective, check out the other color coded lines, which represent some of the other snowiest 1938

If this is not enough, here are some more record breaking facts for this winter taken from

  • Record 30-day snowfall
  • Record snowfall for meteorological winter
  • Record snow depth
  • Fastest six-foot snowfall
  • Fastest 90-inch snowfall
  • Four calendar days with at least 12 inches of snow
  • The city recorded 28 consecutive days with lows 20 degrees or colder from Jan. 25 through Feb. 21 (inclusive)
  • Boston also failed to reach 40 degrees from January 20 through March 3, a record streak of 43 consecutive days

Speaking for myself, it was the cold that was more depressing than the snow. Spring is going to be like a feast after the famine…! We are so famished.

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