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Dentist appointment

The calm and collected expression masked the underlying apprehension. The lure of a goodie bag, even if it contained only a toothbrush and toothpaste, was hard to resist. Besides, he had caught a glimpse of anna when he hopped on to the seat, it didn’t seem bad at all. Armed with this knowledge, the child plonked himself on the dentist chair, amused by the “ride” when the hygienist adjusted it to his height. As he engaged in small talk with her, the clenched fists slowly began to loosen. From then on, he followed her instructions to the T – opening his mouth widely, not getting intimidated with the unfamiliar objects that she held, and generally being open to the experience.

This was Ram’s first dental appointment, and he was exactly as well behaved as Hari was during his first visit, who by the way was in the next room handling the visit on his own since I had to be next to Ram. Sure enough, I was flashing my pearly whites, beaming with mommy pride!

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