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Classical versus practical

As I type this post, I can hear Hari reciting the Thirukkural in the background. My heart goes out to the poor child.  He has spent hours and hours memorizing the kural over the past few days. Don’t get me wrong, as limited as my knowledge of the kural is, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the wisdom packed in these couplets. But I am a 36-year old who is able to internalise the meaning and see its relevance to day to day living. Why force this on 10-year olds who are not only too young to understand the message but also have such limited exposure to the language?  What am I missing here? I have been vocal about this but to no avail.

The child had a breakthrough today. Smiling a mile long, he proudly said “I think we are in good shape today amma, what do you say?” I have a new found admiration for Hari’s ability to run with all the things we hurl at him.

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