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Culture Day and Tamil Day

Today was a day of celebration at Sunday school. For culture day, kids were required to do a project on a topic related to the culture curriculum. Hari chose to do a monopoly board game based on the Mahabharata. He labored on it for two full days and loved every moment of it. The picture below does not do justice to the details. We (mostly the child, the parents were pretty much his sounding board) poured over the classic game and tailored every detail to make it relevant to the epic. The kingdoms captured in the BharatVarsha map formed the places, the utilities (railroads, waterworks, etc.) were substituted by weapons (gadha, bow and arrow etc.), treasure chest and community cards were renamed as boons and curse, and points were assigned based on barter system and so much more. My personal favorite is the four corners (go on exile, stay in gurukula, cross river ganga, chariot rest).


Today was also Tamil day, for which Hari recited four Thirukurals along with their respective meaning. We labored on it for several hours over several days and it was brutal on him. Whether or not I find this exercise meaningful, it made Hari and I marvel at the power of practice – with every repetition, there was tangible improvement, and you realize that you have to hang in there, and do what it takes. No shortcuts. None at all. This morning after completing his turn, the look on his face was priceless. He had given it his best shot, and it showed!

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