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Little Yogi

Sitting on the floor with his legs spread out, hands tucked under his legs, and his head bent, Ram said loudly “Be strong”, and in the same breath with unabated excitement told, “Mama this is the dinosaur pose, this is what we learnt in yoga today”

Last week he stood on one leg, his hands resting on his hips, his eyes sparkling with pride on being able to balance, and called it the tree pose. The earlier week he lay on his tummy, lifted his chest, looked on both sides, stuck his tongue out with a hiss and exclaimed, “this is snake pose”. He then came up with a list of poses he knows- dog pose, boat pose, giraffe pose, turtle pose and what not!

It is with great anticipation that I wait for Monday evenings wanting to catch up on the latest and greatest yoga poses the child has learnt at school. I mean how could one not be enamored when pint sized people do something as meaningful as yoga and say something as profound as “Be Strong”, even if it is just parroting what has been taught.

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