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Of superheroes (LMT post)


Hastily removing his snowsuit and snow boots, tossing his winter hat and mittens, Ram pounded upstairs. A smile crept up on his face as he spied the light green package that finally arrived after all that anticipation. Bursting with impatience, he ripped it open, and carefully examined the contents one by one. Once done, the jubilant child hollered, with contentment written all over his face, “Yay, NO Wonder Woman jetti (underwear)!”*

Over the weekend, Ram sat with his dad and ordered his next set of new underwears – the ones that had superheros design on them. Since then, all that the child has been talking about is his new pieces of clothing –  “Mama, will I get it on wednesday or thursday? Is wednesday near or far?” Finally, now that he had them in his hands, the possibilities of what he could do with them was endless.

Firstly, he sorted and grouped them. Then he went about taking a poll – “amma, what’s your favorite? Superman or Flash? the blue one or the red one?” And then, all this superhero talk reminded him of his superhero toys. He pulled them all out, built a fort and laid out the jettis around them on the floor, and made a game out of it. Then, when I called him for his bath so that we could finally put one of them to use, the child was not too thrilled about it. By now, the pack of underwears had lost its functional value. Reluctantly, he agreed provided I made a special place in the wardrobe.

I had forgotten all about it the next day. But of course, the child hadn’t. Guess what was the big news that evening? – “Mama, not all, but almost all my friends in class have superhero underwear!”

I felt like a Mastercard advertisement just unrolled in front of me – a pack of superhero underwears – $8, entertainment value coming out of it – priceless!

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