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Tumba chennagide!

Soft and moist with grated carrots, diced beans and crunchy seasoning, the rava idli melted in my mouth. As much as I would like to attribute the outcome to my cooking skills, it was the baking soda that did the trick. Tumba chennagide (very good), I told myself as I greedily reached out for another helping of the delicacy.

Rava idli and MTR go hand in hand. Long before the MTR mix became a pantry staple, and anyone could whip up world class rava idli, my dad had introduced us to this tiffin. Those were the days when it was considered as an authentic kannadiga specialty, one that deserved the long waiting line at the MTR hotel. Served with a tablespoon of ghee and potato masala on the side, the dish had people salivating over it.

Back then my immature taste buds didn’t quite relish it as much, but the experience lingered today enhancing its flavor as I savored the dish bite by bite.

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