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On people gazing

A friend had written about people gazing on her FaceBook page with stories she weaves around them. Most days I am busy lost in my own world, but here is a people gazing story that is close to my heart.

Most days after seeing the kids off to school as I return home (on days that I work from home), I see two elderly women going on their morning walk. They stop every once in a while, pointing to a house, waving at a passersby, chatting away non-stop, and generally maintaining a jaunty demeanor. I find this sight endearing and think to myself – what a nice thing to have in that age and phase of life – a friend you grow old with and a routine for yourself. So secure and adequate in the knowledge of who they are, with what they have, aging gracefully..!

I know nothing about them. But that’s the story I like to weave around them and wish for myself. Every age and phase of life has its own beauty, we just need to open our eyes,and notice it.

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