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Serendipitous star

Hari’s hockey playoffs are going on. It’s a single game elimination; so every game puts the team in a do or die mode. While these players are sweating it out, who do you think is the serendipitous star of the show? Our very own Ram!

In an attempt to have Ram get enthused about tagging along for practice and games, we let the child wear a costume of his choice. It so happened that he wore his Wolverine costume for the two games that the team won. It was declared that Ram is their lucky charm, their unofficial mascot.

Honestly, the three of us owe the child a wagon load of thank yous. He has spent bulk of the fall and winter at the rink, his backpack loaded with a snack, drink, activity book and crayons. He has found creative ways to keep himself busy during the wait – counting the locks in the locker rooms, “reading” the cartoon section of the Sunday paper, and making friends with other families. I would like to think, in a way, he has had his share of fun too.

2 thoughts on “Serendipitous star

  1. Hari enthu and consistent practice had paid off for the team to enter semis.Added his younger bro’s presence and Parent’s encouragement. Wonderful Hari.Your MT is always your well wisher.
    Added if Ram is taken to the Game a no.of times and he too will start interest in Game.
    Well done my boy. Our love to you.
    MT n RP.

    1. Thanks pa, I will let Hari know. Not sure where Ram’s interests take him and us along with him, we will have to wait and see.

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