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A painting

My dad had sent this picture as a forward more than a year back. While I am not a big fan of forwards, this one stood out. This picture came with the following text, “Shri Shilpi A Child Being forcefully Made To Drink Castor Oil.” I cast a wide net in google, but did not uncover any additional information or pictures by this artist.

I fell in love with the myriad expressions in this drawing. There are 11 family members spanning three generations. Having seen and done this several times in their life span, the thatha and patti are very laid back. No need to get all worked up, they seem to have tricks up their sleeves. The appa and amma are tired of all this drama, bursting with impatience, this is another chore that needs to be ticked off in their list. Now gulp that spoon of castor oil, will you? While the anna seems to be empathetic, the akka sure is apathetic – what’s the big deal, if I drank it when I was your age, why can’t you? The kutti pattalam is dreading it all, knowing really well that they are next in line – ayoo! not us, not today, please, pretty please! Check out the tiniest tot of all, hiding behind her grandpa quiet as a mouse – I have a feeling that this child will get away from the ordeal…!

castor oil

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