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I am sitting in the perumal room cum play room cum patti room. Ram is eating a toast slathered with peanut butter, his dinner after dinner, whetting his craving after he saw Da and I dunk our toast in the soup during meal time. Hari is sitting next to him in front of the world map puzzle, one that Da played as a child, from a time when the Soviet Union still existed. Ram and Hari are playing with the same puzzle at different levels – I want to know which countries are cold in winter, says Ram. I want to tell you the capitals of the countries, tells Hari. Within the same breath, each of them have moved to a different activity. After listening to the kids give their report on the day’s happenings, Da has jumped on a conference call, not work related, play related. The dishwasher is humming in the background, and the clock is ticking away rhythmically. Another weekday is winding down to make room for a new one.

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