THE moment, MY moment

Feeling mighty proud that I had finally learnt how to tie the goalie pads, I told Hari, “Hey babes, can you kneel in butterfly position and make sure that you are comfortable with the pads? check if everything feels right, ok? If at some point during the game the pads become loose, wave at your coach and he will help you.” Hari did the routine enthusiastically, gave me a hi-five and waddled away.

I have dreamt of having a girl child more than a couple of times. The dream did not stop there, it got more and more elaborate and very specific. I wanted to teach her to dance bharathanatyam, to dress her up in a costume and after she was all dressed up, I have dreamt of asking her to sit in muzhi mandi to check whether the costume fit her well and that it did not come in the way of dancing.

That evening as I lifted my collars for having successfully tied Hari’s pads, I had my epiphany. It was THE moment that I truly realized what it was to be a parent. Hockey pads or dance costume, girl or boy, that is not the point. What ultimately matters is – I stay actively involved and be engaged in his/her growing up and connect with him/her, as a person, for who he/she is.

Little did I know that wearing a matching Bruins Tshirt with my child or coaching him to stay focused on saving one goal at a time or rooting for his team would give me unfathomable joy!

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