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Learning through music rocks!

Hari’s school rocked today, literally and figuratively.  One of the topics in the science syllabus for this year is rocks and minerals. Guess what the music teacher did? She picked a few rock songs from the 50s, tailored the lyrics to be all about rocks and minerals, and organized a concert around it. How very creative is that, isn’t it? Hari’s class sang about the different kinds of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic) while another section had a song that talked about how wind, water and ice shape rocks, so on and so forth. The kids sang and danced, and became experts on rocks and minerals along the way. Who knew memorizing can be effortless and fun filled?

Inspired by similar events in the past, I have been experimenting with teaching kids via songs, and hands on activities at sunday school this year. I see a world of difference in the enthusiasm that goes into learning. For instance, I have always stayed away from making kids memorize states and union territories of India. It felt too much. That is until I came across this song on youtube. For the past three classes, I have been spending a few minutes practicing this song with the kids. When I quizzed them based on the lyrics, I was happily impressed with how the kids were competing with each other to answer. As homework, I asked them to practice the first sixteen lines. Want to know their response? They insisted that I extend the homework to have them practice the entire song. What’s not to love about this love for learning?

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