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Very often we forget that Ram is still in the early stages of building his vocabulary and throw words at him without realizing that he may not have internalized the meaning.

Many times he would stop us, and ask for the meaning.

Me: Ram, leave a couple of cookies for anna, ok?
Ram: But what does a couple mean amma? is it two or three?

What does according to mean mama?
What does based on mean amma?

Sometimes he would use the words without knowing what they mean.

I like your drawing anna. It is terrible.
My leg is bleeding amma. But there is no blood outside.

To that add the dynamic of using tamil with english.

Amma does sorkkal in tamil mean circle in english?
Amma does nenju in tamil mean ninja in english?

Ram: What does mean mean amma?
Me: There are two meanings for mean kanna. One mean means rude. Another mean, we use it to ask the meaning of something like how you asked what does mean mean?
Ram: No mama, not that mean. I am asking about things like bird and  tree
After thinking about it for few minutes, I finally figured out what he was asking: Are you asking what does the tamil word mean mean?
The child nodded away…!

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