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Thursday specials

The week is winding down, and the weekend is on the horizon. I love my thursdays. What do thursdays mean in your household? In ours,

  • groceries are mostly done on thursdays
  • Hari has only half a day of school, he is home on most thursday afternoons
  • dinner has to be something “interesting”; read to please the palate of the 10-year old in the house. He gets to eat what I cook from monday to wednesday and I get to cook what he likes on thursday – and that’s that!
  • it’s my day to celebrate the little moments of the week with heartfelt gratitude
  • what-do-we have-for-the-weekend conversation starts on thursday
  • and best of all, new episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs on thursday. I watch it only on friday, but the anticipation is half the fun.

Talking about sunday evenings, that’s a different story altogether. Let’s not go there, living it is hard enough!

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