To scratch or not to scratch?

The itch is becoming more and more unbearable with every passing day.  Yet, I muster all my willpower and resist because I know all it will take is one scratch. The first will lead to the second, the second to the third, so on and so forth until one fine day when the itch and the scratch have taken full control of me.

You do realize I am not talking about bodily itch right? I am talking about the itch to declutter my house, the itch to make place for everything and have everything in its place. I actually enjoy it very much but the trouble is it will come at the cost of other priorities – time spent with kids, time spent writing, time spent reading, and what not. So I resist, knowing really well that sooner or later I will have to succumb to the itch. Because there is only so much of ignoring one can do.

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