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Bikes and biking

This weekend has been all about bikes and biking.

  • Last year Hari and I got into the rhythm of biking over the weekend. We are hoping to do the same this year and have kick started the biking season much earlier than we did last year.  We hit the bike path this sat. We didn’t bike as much and we huffed and puffed a lot for the small distance that we biked. But oh the wind on our face was as delightful as it was last year..! Reminded us why it’s all worth it!
  • We took out the tricycle for Ram this weekend.  We didn’t do much biking with him last year, so the child is still learning to pedal. He was eager to try this morning and when it was harder than what he thought, there was some reluctance. We have our work cut out for this season.
  • Our neighborhood held a bike swap this weekend. Folks came with the bikes that they have outgrown. In exchange, they could take a bike that fit their needs. No money exchanged, no obligations to take a bike in return, and no need to bring a bike if you don’t have one that you have outgrown. Whatever was left behind would be donated. Now, it doesn’t get any easier than that, isn’t it?

On that note, have a good week folks. It’s going to be a crazy week in our house – kids at home on spring break but parents working.

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