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New toy (Little Moments Thursday)

I am a laggard when it comes to adapting to the latest and greatest in technology. Da has lavished several gadgets on me over the years – the Personal Digital Assistant, the MP3 player (the ones that were in vogue prior to ipod days), the Kindle Fire, the iPad, and what not. I have consistently maintained a saint like detachment towards them. An attitude that is hard to fathom for a gadget lover like Da – how could you not play with it? aren’t you curious? don’t you want to know?

Despite several failed attempts, Da recently bought a new smartphone for me. I didn’t choose it, it chose me!  And boy, do I love that thing of beauty, that piece of elegance, or what? Oh I get a kick out of swiping on the keypad. No more stubby thumbs. I have been capturing everyday moments and getting my feet wet on Instagram (I know late news!). I am organizing the home screen, moving applications in and out, and giving it a personal touch.

This experience of playing with a toy, not being able to put it away, is a new one for me. I am loving it.

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