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Mother’s Day thoughts.

Of all the gifts that my mom has showered on me, letting me go with confidence and grace has been the greatest gift of all. Now that I am a parent I realize how difficult that must have been. Thanks ma, for all the unconditional love and the unwavering confidence.

My favorite book on mommy love is the Runaway Rabbit. It’s a story of a bunny who wants to take different forms so he can run away from his mom. But the mom always changes her form so she can be there for her baby. Isn’t that what parenting is all about? Be willing to love in the form that your child wants to be loved, not necessarily the form in which you want to offer it. And sometimes it means that you have to take a step back.

Da labored in the yard to create a herb and vegetable garden to mark Mother’s Day. Ram kept whipping up one drawing after the other and didn’t tire of “surprising” me all day today. Hari made bookmarks and addressed me in tamil. It’s true you know, in a household of boys, mommy sure is the queen!

Normally, I am all for celebrating a hallmark holiday, but what a painful reminder to those that do not have a child or a mother that life is not a level playing field. Makes me want to stay low profile on this day and not make a big deal out of it.

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Dentist appointment

It took every ounce of willpower to not yield to the temptation to have the dentist appointment rescheduled. After years of using that tactic, I have learnt my lesson. You can reschedule once,  may be twice. But sooner or later, you have to face the music. Wear a plastic smile, be polite to the receptionist, say hello to the hygienist, exaggerate the truth behind your flossing, test your ability to be zen as all the unmentionable instruments poke and prod, and finally listen to the grim report that your dentist will deliver asking you to take care of a filling within the next month. Sigh!

This time I decided to bite the bullet  instead of buying more time to undo the undoable damage I may have done since my last appointment. But what do you know? A new hygienist, a new story this time around. “Fantastic, your teeth look great, we will see you in Nov.” Really? Seriously?  I had to pinch myself to make sure that this was not some kind of a dream. No filling? No deep cleaning? No predictions about root canals down the line? Maybe because this time they didn’t take the x-ray. Maybe because the hygienist spent more time polishing my teeth rather than cleaning them. Oh the never ending list of maybes that was going on in a loop in my mind!

Suffice to say I sprinted my way out of the office lest the dentist changed his mind.

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May 5th

Today is Cynco De Mayo and my father-in-law’s birthday.

I learnt about Cynco De Mayo when I was in grad school. At that time, all it meant was indulging in Mexican food. This year, Hari brought up the Mexican holiday and we concluded that we will celebrate the day by making bean burritto, his favorite food, at home. Out of curiosity, I poked around a bit and found some fascinating information – it is not much of a holiday in Mexico, and it’s not a celebration of Mexico’s independence, as it is popularly believed to be. It marks the victory of Mexico against the French army in a certain battle.

Hari has seen my father-in-law and has vague recollection of him. Ram hasn’t seen him nor does he understand the concept of death. “Amma, what does die mean? does it mean not alive?” and in the same breath he declared, “Did you notice that die and alive rhyme mama?” We moved on to talk about all the things that thatha liked when he was alive. Appa would have been 78 years old today.

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Smoothie Challenge

Remember, last summer we signed up for a detox diet? This time around it’s 30-day smoothie challenge. I am not much of a smoothie person, but I really like the nutritionist who initiates these challenges and know that something positive will come out of it.

The first week was dabbling with different combinations and figuring out what works for us. This week, it’s about doing it the right way and taking it to the next level. These are the suggested ingredients for the smoothie:

Some kind of fat -avocado /flax/chia/coconut oil/flax/hemp oil
Base liquid – almond/hemp/coconut milk/coconut water or good old water.
Optional is herbs/superfoods – cinnamon/turmeric /nutmeg /cacao etc.

The goal is to have one 16 oz as a meal replacement or 2 8 oz as snack. You are encouraged to pick a meal that works for you, but substituting the smoothie for dinner is the best practice.

I have done it only for two days, so it’s too early to comment on how it’s working. I like that I feel full but not heavy. I don’t feel the lethargy that I typically feel after dinner, which unfortunately is my big meal for the day. I am still wary of hunger pangs should I stay up late. But for now, the thought of having a nice hot breakfast in the morning is enticing enough to stay on course.

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Gorgeous day

We are having a super duper uber gorgeous day in our part of the world today. However, the true New Englanders, the children in my culture class as well as my first born, have been complaining about how hot the day is! They made themselves hand fans and kept swaying their way rather stylishly. It was hard to keep a straight face and work on our lesson plan.

In other news, we celebrated Tagore Day (falls on May 07) today in school. My kids along with other second graders recited the Champa Flower and the Clouds and Waves in assembly today. They had to prepare at very short notice, but they were such troopers. I am mighty proud of them. Speaking of Champa Flower, it’s such a lovable and endearing poem, reminded me so much of Runaway Bunny.  

One of the teachers organized a fun quiz on Tagore covering little unknown facts about the poet. Did you know that Tagore’s Nobel Prize got stolen? Did you know that he was a whimsical person, who thrived on change? Did you know that he lived in several houses over different periods in Shantiniketan? The kids loved learning these trivias!