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Smoothie Challenge

Remember, last summer we signed up for a detox diet? This time around it’s 30-day smoothie challenge. I am not much of a smoothie person, but I really like the nutritionist who initiates these challenges and know that something positive will come out of it.

The first week was dabbling with different combinations and figuring out what works for us. This week, it’s about doing it the right way and taking it to the next level. These are the suggested ingredients for the smoothie:

Some kind of fat -avocado /flax/chia/coconut oil/flax/hemp oil
Base liquid – almond/hemp/coconut milk/coconut water or good old water.
Optional is herbs/superfoods – cinnamon/turmeric /nutmeg /cacao etc.

The goal is to have one 16 oz as a meal replacement or 2 8 oz as snack. You are encouraged to pick a meal that works for you, but substituting the smoothie for dinner is the best practice.

I have done it only for two days, so it’s too early to comment on how it’s working. I like that I feel full but not heavy. I don’t feel the lethargy that I typically feel after dinner, which unfortunately is my big meal for the day. I am still wary of hunger pangs should I stay up late. But for now, the thought of having a nice hot breakfast in the morning is enticing enough to stay on course.

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