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Hello, Happy Father’s Day and Happy Yoga Day

Honest to god, the past month and a half has gone by in the blink of an eye. So many stories to share, many of which may or may not see the light of the day given how full our days promise to be for the next few weeks.

Thoughts of my dad filled my heart today. Hone cakes from Bangalore Iyengar bakery, movie and eating out after every major exam, weekend cleaning sessions, new year greeting card rituals, the visit to the audio recording session, so on and so forth. Thanks appa for giving us a happy and carefree childhood and teaching us so many things just by being you.

I feel immense gratitude for sharing the parenting journey with Da, He always always prioritizes kids over anything. Be it watching spongebob or rolling up his sleeves to give a mohawk hair cut. He is the cool dude, the one that pampers while challenging the kids to push their limits.  Thanks Da for keeping us the center of your life. Lucky us!

The little yogi, who we fondly call as Ram, took out his yoga book and led the yoga session today. He wouldn’t let us go till we completed all the poses in his book. What fun!

2 thoughts on “Hello, Happy Father’s Day and Happy Yoga Day

  1. Suma
    Nice thoughts you have shared, that took me back to those wonderful times. I never thought these will have such imbibing impact when they attain my age.As I read these i felt 27 yrs younger.
    Thanks a lot kanna

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