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Happiness is…

… not that I don’t write about my little moments of happiness, but a friend specifically asked, and I could not resist. Bear with me for sounding like a broken record, the list is the same but it makes me happy every time I recount it. So here I go with list that makes up my kind of happiness…. I would love to hear yours!

– hot ginger tea with dash of cardamom and mint, just when i need it
– seeing the happy faces of my loved ones
– butterflies, bunnies, blue jays putting up a show in my garden
– foggy spring or fall day
– having a heart to heart conversation with a good friend
– getting things done sooner than I expected
– dancing to the beats that I had trouble with
– an unexpected compliment from a colleague
– playing ball with Hari
– cooking with Ram
– facetime with my niece
– discussing life’s conundrums with Da
– sharing a meal with friends
– getting nostalgic with my parents
– sparkling floors and clean ovens – the day my cleaner comes!
– watching my favorite show – Frasier today, Greys Anatomy always!
– reading old letters
– bonding with my friend’s children
– hugs from my sunday school kids
– finding the spark that I thought I lost
– accepting myself with the good, the bad and the ugly
– a quote that inspires
– a good story
– a melodious song
– powerful lyrics
– a visit to the temple
– finding the right word
– watching sunset
– a new dress that fits


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Hari and Ram (LMT Post)

Hearing his dad’s footsteps pounding on the staircase, almost-5-year old Ram mustered all his assertiveness and told in no uncertain words to his 43-year old dad, “Appa, I want you to say sorry to anna because you made him sad.” Soon after that he extended his arms to Hari lovingly enticing him to hug him, “it will make you feel better Hari.”  

What goes around comes around. Hari has his protective antennas peeking out for his little brother at all times, little wonder that Ram stands up for his big brother when his chips are down.

I am not able to point my finger at one reason. Is it the abundant time in each other’s company these past few weeks? is it the age difference? is it yours truly being less available? is this something that happens in the normal course of growing up? Perhaps, it is a little bit of everything. 

The boys have been genuinely enjoying each other’s company this summer. When I give a cold glare, Ram takes refuge in anna’s hugs. My lap gets passed over for anna’s comfy ones. Backpack gets handed over to me, so anna can free his hands to lift his little brother. Hugs are apparently exchanged during break in camps. They are not known by their names, but as so and so’s brother. 

Of course, there are fights, and manipulations. When they fight, I stay out of it as much as I can. When they come for help, I ask them to talk to each other. They know each other’s hot buttons, and have learnt not to push it. Or if they push it, they know what buffoonery and antics can be used as damage control measures. 

People change, relationships evolve. As they grow up, I hope they continue to accept each other as they are, know what battles to pick with each other, have an open and honest relationship, agree to disagree when they don’t meet eye to eye, and be each other’s support without holding each other back.