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Happiness is…

… not that I don’t write about my little moments of happiness, but a friend specifically asked, and I could not resist. Bear with me for sounding like a broken record, the list is the same but it makes me happy every time I recount it. So here I go with list that makes up my kind of happiness…. I would love to hear yours!

– hot ginger tea with dash of cardamom and mint, just when i need it
– seeing the happy faces of my loved ones
– butterflies, bunnies, blue jays putting up a show in my garden
– foggy spring or fall day
– having a heart to heart conversation with a good friend
– getting things done sooner than I expected
– dancing to the beats that I had trouble with
– an unexpected compliment from a colleague
– playing ball with Hari
– cooking with Ram
– facetime with my niece
– discussing life’s conundrums with Da
– sharing a meal with friends
– getting nostalgic with my parents
– sparkling floors and clean ovens – the day my cleaner comes!
– watching my favorite show – Frasier today, Greys Anatomy always!
– reading old letters
– bonding with my friend’s children
– hugs from my sunday school kids
– finding the spark that I thought I lost
– accepting myself with the good, the bad and the ugly
– a quote that inspires
– a good story
– a melodious song
– powerful lyrics
– a visit to the temple
– finding the right word
– watching sunset
– a new dress that fits


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