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The first week of school year is glamorous. Makes you feel alive, refreshed, and productive. It doesn’t take long for it to lose some of it’s sheen though. We are only in the second week, but my eyes are already scanning the calendar for the next long weekend. Hint: extra curricular activities in full swing starting this week and work travel in second half of next week. Need I say more!

Hari had his baseball tryout for travel team last night. The child was exuberant, “I am so proud of myself. I think I did well”, he said jubilantly.  I didn’t want to squash his excitement but gently reminded him that the result could go both ways. He analyzed a bit – how good is he compared to some of his other friends who qualified and concluded that the odds favor him. I was tempted to keep it real and protect him from possible heartbreak but I resisted and let it be. 

Ram’s fantasy of the day – owning a dog. “If he is green, I will call him grassy. If he is brown, I will call him branchy. We need to buy dog food, and we need to buy a bowl to put the dog food in. I want him to be furry and small”. I had to remind him, “Ram I don’t think we will get a dog”.  That did not stop him from planning the details of what he would do if we had a dog. 

What is life without hopes and dreams, isn’t it?

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