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Fantastic Five

I remember it like yesterday. The first contraction. I mistook it for gas pain and blamed myself for overdoing the chaat at dinner.  With the second contraction, I knew it was time to pack the hospital bag. About 5 hours later, our little Ram was here cute as a button. 

I remember it like yesterday. The first year of being a mom of two children. The work, the pumping, and the sleep deprivation were hard. But the lack of involvement and bonding with Hari was much harder and took me off guard. 

I remember it like yesterday. The first tantrum. It was during our visit to NJ, a month before his second birthday. The child was having a full blown meltdown and nothing comforted him. He taught me a very powerful life lesson that trip.  That time and space are the best antidotes for someone in distress. In fact, it’s a magic pill for most of us, most of the time. That sometimes you make it worse by wanting to make it better. That most times, letting it be is the best place to be! 

I remember it like yesterday. His first time being away from me. His toilet training. His first day at preschool. His first time going on merry-go-round. His first time getting into a pool. His first movie. His first time going to summer camp.  

Ram will turn F-I-V-E years old tomorrow. The years, and the milestones flash in front of my eyes like a movie playing in fast forward mode. He is soft, and tender. But let that not mislead you into thinking that you can trample him. This child is not afraid to speak his mind, even when he is afraid. He brightens our lives with his zest for life. Can we buy a hammock? did you see the rainbow dancing on our table? He is very decisive and does not get easily overwhelmed by choices. He doesn’t like to be in the limelight but thoroughly enjoys company. He is very thoughtful – always saves a treat or makes a card or offers a helping hand. A lover of words, and nurturer of plants, he is our little charmer.

Here’s wishing Ram happy fifth. Thank you for coming into our lives love and making it richer and livelier. We love you with all our heart. God bless you child.


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