Posted in Hari Katha, Holidays, Ram Leela

Sunday evening mulling

It’s supposed to be bed time but the kids are as awake as a pair of owlets. There is some serious mulling going on with the topic being what to dress for halloween. The younger one has made up his mind, “I am going to be a superman with a light saber.” I smile and think to myself that that’s SO Ram. Give him something and he will personalize it to suit his fancy. Imagination is never a barrier for this kid. Hari is considering his options some of which include avatars of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. I am amused by his choices as we don’t discuss politics nor do we turn the TV on for news. But then this again is SO Hari. This child has a 100 eyes and a 200 ears, he is always hungry for information, has an elephant memory for details and is very observant.

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