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Big Boy Moment

To an onlooker, he is a little kid who crossed the road to deliver something to his neighbors. What’s the big deal, huh?  

To his parents, he is a five year old, who took responsibility for carrying a plateful of birthday cake, deftly balancing it in his tiny hands, to his favorite neighbors. “Hari, you don’t come with me, I want to go by myself,” he declared to his anna who was blissfully inhabiting an altogether different world that moment. Once out of the house, he quickly turned right, left and right to check for cars, crossed the road, and rang the doorbell. He waited for a minute, calmly and patiently, and then when the uncle opened the door, he narrated the reason for his coming and delivered the breaking news that he is a 5 years old now! He came back home with pride glinting in his eyes and his lips curving into a smile from having done something that only his anna was allowed to do. So yeah, it is a pretty big deal! To him. To his parents.

Speaking of big boy moments, two big milestones for Hari. He is now allowed to jog in the neighborhood and go to his friend’s house in the neighborhood without being accompanied by an adult. He is ready. We are ready, albeit reluctantly and cautiously. In other news, we learnt this weekend that Hari’s shoes size borders between Kids and Mens. I stared at the sales guy vacantly. What do you mean Mens? There is no Boys? No Young Adults? Shoes stores worldwide should adopt kinder practices and introduce an intermediate size to soften the blow for unsuspecting  parents like me who are helplessly watching time fleet and their kids growing by leaps and bounds right under their nose.


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