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Student Council

One of the exciting things about being in Fifth Grade is the opportunity to be part of the Student Council. The council is led by teachers and is made up of student volunteers from fifth grade who work on initiatives such as recycling, spirit wears and others that teach social responsibility. To be part of the council, Hari had to write an essay expressing why he was interested and how he would be a value addition. It sounds sophisticated but it was fairly low key with most kids that expressed interest given an opportunity to serve.

I love that Hari is participating. It teaches him to reflect. It involves decision making – what class does he want to mentor? What days will he pick? He has to forgo recess time for weekly meetings and duties. He has to stand in front of kindergartners, explain things at their level, and be their role model. More than anything else, it is sowing the seeds for giving back to the community.

It has only been a month or so, but the council comes up quite a bit in our conversations and is building awareness. In a recent conversation, he told me, “Amma, did you know that every plastic we have disposed is somewhere out there in the world”, “Did you know that plastic can be recycled 50,000 times?” Amen to that!

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