Our First 5K

After years of wanting to and procrastinating, Hari and I ran our first 5K this morning with zilch training. I have a feeling that we will pay the price for the folly (the no training part, not the signing up for 5K) this week. But today, we are savoring the accomplishment. Hari ran in 31 mins and I in 41 mins. I had no intention of running. “I am just going to wing it,” I told Da who kept coaxing us to eat, drink and dress well in preparation of the run.  But what do you know? Another parent, a novice runner like me, urged me to not stop and to try harder. I kind of ran for her than for me.  It was really chilly but I warmed up after the first 10 mins, the uphills gave a better appreciation for the flatter terrain, and the run itself was shorter than what I had thought. 

Definitely signing up for next year when Ram goes to elementary school. May be, just may be,  Hari and I will be better prepared.

PS: Hari kept give me hi-five through out the day. This was his first time running long distance and he persevered…!

4 thoughts on “Our First 5K

    1. Thanks Amma. I did not want to run when I ran but felt really good after I completed. I am glad the other parent talked me into it.

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