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fall treePerfect fall day today. Cloudy but not chilly, with sun coming in and out, sometimes adding to the grandeur and at other times stealing the charm. The maple tree is bursting with colors. Simply stunning, fills my heart and cleanses my soul. I recall a conversation with Hari a couple of days back,  he was intrigued – why do you ooh and aah every time you spy lush green fields or different hues of yellow, orange and red. Don’t you see this every year amma? And therein lies the magic. Every single time it touches me like it did the first time. It is as if I am a witness to the different moods and personalities of Mother Nature. How could I not revel in it? Perhaps this what Keats meant when he said, a thing of beauty is joy forever!

2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Also beauty is untarnished when we just appreciate and expect nothing in return- it only gets more beautiful and joyful with each passing year 🙂

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