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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

christmas tree

We love Christmas. It’s like the Deepavali of our house. Last afternoon, I was mentally checking off my Christmas To-do list.

  • Serial lights – done.
  • Christmas tree with ornaments – done
  • Kids wish list – done
  • Da office party – done
  • Packing gifts – done
  • Cookies for Santa and carrot for Rudolph – done
  • Playing Christmas songs – done
  • Movies and Board games – work-in-progress
  • Voice message from Santa – done
  • Santa tracking – work-in-progress

I was feeling a little proud of ourselves for doing our part. Creating happy memories for the kids to fall back on in their adult life.

As if he read my mind, Hari came up to me and asked, “Amma, do you remember last Christmas?” Just the question I wanted to be asked. I was feeling a little smug and as I was about to give the scripted answer in my head, he continued, “You thittied me (scolded me) for not doing my Tamizh homework.”  What? When did that happen? Really? seriously? I did that? That’s what you remember from last Christmas?

Ouch!. Did you hear that huge thud? It was my soaring ego crash landing.

Memories is a strange thing – it chooses you, you don’t get to choose it. As a giver, I remember only the good, I have no memory of the bad and the ugly. But as a receiver, the bad and the ugly are imprinted in his memory. No amount of the good can erase it. The hope is the good ones are coexisting counter balancing the bad and the ugly.

Much needed reality check and a lesson in humility for the afternoon. Tell you, parenting is a very humbling experience.

On that note, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016. The kids will be up any minute here and I can’t wait to see the smile on their faces and the excitement in their voices. Tudlu, take care!

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