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2015 Reflections and Happy 2016

Time just seems to roll by with unwavering commitment, untouched by all the drama that surrounds it. 2015 is over even before it sunk in.

We started the year with friends visiting us. Then for the first three months, it seemed like all we did was talk about and cope with the harsh winter weather. This meant that the first few weeks of spring were savored, every blade of grass, every ray of sunshine, filled us with inexhaustible love for nature. April to August was special reconnecting with friends. My very close friend visited us with her family, what a rare treat to spend all that time with her and hers!  I didn’t realize how excited I was to show her my town, my neighborhood, and our way of life here. In parallel, we squeezed a trip to picturesque California and historical Pennsylvania. The kind of vacation that combines people and place. Catching up with family and friends complimented by sightseeing and travel. We returned richer with experiences and perspectives. June and July were dedicated to my dance production. I have never worked that hard in my life, shedding sweat and tears, building my character and redefining my relationship with the art form. August was spent working on a fundraising event for the local library. I learnt that next to money, your skills are the next valuable asset if you want to contribute towards a cause or make a difference. Sept – Oct., school, work travel and holidays took turns to keep us on our toes. India trip was the highlight of Nov. Going back home after three years and seeing my parents, patti, and in-laws was emotional. That we got to spend time with my sil, nephew and niece was a nice bonus. We returned resolving to go back home often. I realized how much I love being in India. It’s truly an incredible place – so vibrant and rich in character. The first half of Dec. was about Chennai floods and the restlessness that it brought. We closed this year visiting the same friends that visited us in the beginning of the year.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I ring out the old year. Immensely thankful for all the opportunities, the learnings and the fullness of life.

My wishes to you for the New Year – wisdom to let go things that you cannot control. Determination to work on things that you can control. Freedom from things that hold you back. Courage to pursue things that are close to your heart. Little moments that fill your heart and small victories that lift your spirits. Faith in your efforts and belief in your dreams. Meaningful relationships and dependable friendships. Peace and quiet. An open mind, a loving heart and a healthy body.

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