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My word for 2016

Last year, I chose “Discipline” to be my word of the year. I had grand plans when I chose it. I thought the word would propel me to greater heights and shed my weaknesses in all spheres of my life. I did well for the first month or so, from there it was a slippery slope. But there is learning in that failing too. I realized that I strive to be disciplined but I am an inherently indisciplined person. This means I need to work really hard, give it my all to cultivate that elusive trait.

This year, I am picking a word that is corollary to last year’s. And that would be “Detox”. I resolve to stay away from toxic thoughts, behavior, attitudes and habits. To take control of my eating habits. Get myself in better physical, mental and emotional health. To not stray in the land of social media. And to give it my all!


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