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Eat Clean workshop

I have signed up for Eat Clean workshop led by the same nutritionist that organized the detox and smoothie challenge last year. I really like her approach and find it holistic and sustainable. The workshop is for a month with another month to practice our learnings from this month. The goal is to eat simple and clean. In other words, avoid processed food. Portion control is recommended if you want to shed some pounds.

Here are some habits I have picked so far or would like to pick going forward.

  • Start the day with lukewarm lime water
  • Get into the habit of eating a bowl of salad with lunch and dinner. She recommends 50-50 rule, that is 50% should be raw veggies and 50% should be cooked carb and protein
  • Think rainbow when you plan your daily menu – include food that is red, yellow/orange, purple/blue, green, white/brown, and green! Your body gets variety of nutrition meeting different dietary needs when you choose produce and dry fruits from these colors. Very manageable, just need to consciously make it a habit.
  • No refined sugar. Only one cup of tea or coffee per day. I use coconut sugar from Trader’s Joe as a sugar alternative.
  • Homemade sauces, dips, dressing and pickles – love making these…!
  • Recommended use of oil – olive oil for stir fry, sesame oil for Indian cooking, ghee/coconut for dhal and such.
  • Walk 2 miles per day

Things that I have not been able to keep up:

  • Hydration. Definitely behind on my water intake.
  • Minimize use of gadget before sleep time.

Two more weeks left in this workshop. I am behind by a week but I am glad I signed up and I truly hope this will be a lifestyle change.

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