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It’s 6:17 in the evening now. Hari and Da have gone for baseball practice. I am thankful that Da was able to come home early this evening to take Hari. It would have been a double whammy having to drive with a neck sprain and a sleepy child in tow. Ram was very upset this evening, taking out his frustration on Hari. He wasn’t too happy with how sternly I told him that he cannot talk to his brother or for that matter anybody rudely. He threw himself on the couch and within minutes went to sleep. Poor child, the day after day light savings is the hardest, it’s only an hour difference, still it takes a while to acclimatize. Dinner – dhalia upma with peanuts, sweet potato sambar and mixed salad – is ready. So is the prep work for tomorrow’s meals. Cooking from scratch, eating clean is a lot of hard work. Very resource intensive, in terms of, dollars, time and energy you spend. It’s important but that cannot be the only thing I do. So have to find a better balance! Ram’s Kindergarten registration forms are waiting to be filled. God knows, how much I have been procrastinating. Not really good with paperwork as you can see. Hari’s fifth grade activities are going in full swing. The child is apparently “interning”, he is helping out a KG teacher with reading and writing in her class. He has a fan following in the KG classroom. He tells me that a kid hugs him for so long and never lets him go. Made my heart thump with joy. He didn’t get into major league in town baseball, was heartbreaking to see him very upset. It’s ok disappointments and rejections are so much part of life. It will teach him a lesson or two.

I simply had to write something even it’s the wandering incoherent thoughts in my head.

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