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Siblings Story

I was puttering in the kitchen, Ram was on the rocking horse and Hari was packing his snack, and we were generally chitchatting.

Ram: Amma, I really like that chocolate Z Bar that we got at Whole Foods.
Me: Oh good!
Ram: Can you get it for me every week?
Me: But we don’t go to Whole Foods every week.
Hari: I have seen it in TJs amma.
Me: Oh in that case, I am not getting it every week because it has too much sugar in it.
Ram: Then I will keep begging and begging and begging until you buy it for me.

Saying so the child started his relentless begging routine. With an impish grin, Hari walked over to Ram, and lovingly told him, “I have taught you well Ram, you make anna proud…!”

And that’s the story of how one sibling passed the baton on to the other. Grrrrr…!!!!

3 thoughts on “Siblings Story

    1. Nope Laksh, this is a constant tug of war we play at home! Needless to say, the sibling has a more influence on the second born than the parent.

      On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 9:59 PM, Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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